Week 31

Finished both books I mentioned the last time. Aristoi feels like a spiritual sibling to the Golden Age books. They’re all sci-fi books using the trappings of their genre to construct situations in which hopelessly regressive politics can be applied.

I still don’t know where to place Annihilation. It’s somehow unsettling, but not quite enough to make it a genuine horror novel, and the main character remains strangely out of focus. I have moved on to the sequel, Authority. Maybe these books only make sense as part of an ensemble.

This article might amuse you: The Jaguar and the Fox, an account of the rivalry between Feynman and Gell-Mann. Both made immense contributions to physics, but you probably know only one of them…

It’s been two great weeks for futuristic drone headlines! Amazon has plans for new airspace rules for delivery drones. Personally, I don’t quite understand the point of delivery drones, particularly in densely populated cities. Do they just drop off the packages on the roof? On a balcony? Do they try to fly in through the window?

Some kid got arrested for strapping a handgun to a quadcopter. Here’s an immensely gratifying gif of a first-person drone race.

We’re also basically screwed.

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